Thursday, August 6, 2009

News Flash: Reported Deal in Senate on Health Care

UPDATE: Some details listed below
Details reported to be released some time today, according to a report on "Morning Joe" this morning. A deal was supposed to have been struck overnight, no further details given in the report.
Stay Tuned, should be an interesting day.

UPDATE: Brief outline from Morning Joe sourced to Washington Post:
Drop Public Option
Tax Health Care Benefits
Covers most
Cuts $100 Billion in costs.

UPDATE II: The details of the plan reported earlier were taken from this Washington Post article. Highlights of the plan are here:
The emerging Finance Committee bill would shave about $100 billion off the projected trillion-dollar cost of the legislation over the next decade and eventually provide coverage to 94 percent of Americans, according to participants in the talks. It would expand Medicaid, crack down on insurers, abandon the government insurance option that President Obama is seeking and, for the first time, tax health-care benefits under the most generous plans. Backers say the bill would also offer the only concrete plan before Congress for reining in the skyrocketing cost of federal health programs over the long term.

The Gang of 6 Senators on the Finance Committee met earlier with the President to update him on their progress. It looks as though talk of a deal may have been premature.

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