Sunday, September 27, 2009

Joy Behar on Beck - Pot Meet Kettle

Via Hotairpundit comes this remarkable clip of Joy Behar diagnosing without a diploma Glenn Beck's addiction history:

Dr. Behar makes the amazing conclusion Beck has replaced his addiction to drugs and alcohol with an addiction to publicity. Well what exactly is her excuse I wonder. It just so happens that I have worked as an addiction counselor and have never come across a replacement addiction to publicity. Addictive behavior leads to repeated negative consequences that fail to stop the addicted person from the same self-destructive behavior. No matter how much Behar disagrees with Beck, his contract with Fox and massive book sales doesn't exactly look self-destructive. As Hotairpundit suggests, maybe Behar should become a tad more self-destructive if she hopes to catch up to Beck in the ratings.

H/T: Free Republic

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