Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Latest Video from Giles and O'Keefe

So the pimp and the prostitute loaded up the truck and moved their undercover investigation of ACORN out to California. Let's just say if this was a television production, people might have a hard time believing it. As they say though, truth is stranger than fiction:

Be sure to visit Big Government Hannah Giles has a piece on the theoretical process behind the sting. There is plenty on Boehner and Cantor's call to the the IRS to sever ties with ACORN immediately.

As Allahpundit said, ACORN will no doubt respond to this with claims this woman is a raving loon. I have reservations about her mental health as well. Nevertheless, she is awfully specific about dollar amounts and seems pretty familiar with the field of prostitution.  Perhaps she is just following guidelines in the ACORN manual and thinking on her feet, reacting and adapting to situations toward the ultimate goal of "organizing the unorganized. " Who knew they meant organizing the unorganized underage prostitution rings?

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