Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Other McCain is Right: Beck is Not the Enemy

Stacy McCain makes a strong argument conservatives should waste neither time nor energy over Glenn Beck's statement to Katie Couric that the country would be worse off with a McCain presidency.   Whether we would or would not have been better off had McCain actually won the race is an argument best left for the luxurious day when there is absolutely nothing left to fear from an Obama administration operating with clear majorities in the House and Senate.

Let's be honest, McCain was a terrible candidate.  He was the Republican equivalent of Michael Dukakis.  If any of the Lattimer quotes are credible, it would have to be that Bush saw McCain's inability to draw a crowd of 500 during his own presidential election as a harbinger of an impending "five spiral crash."   It was only after McCain chose Palin as his running mate he was able to draw crowds that rivaled Obama's greek-columned spectacles.  It was Palin that drew the crowds, however, as McCain himself could hardly deny.

While Palin saved John McCain from an assured "five spiral crash," Palin was not going to be filling the number one job any time soon.  Though the press loved to compare her fitness for the presidency using McCain's age as a factor, last I checked McCain was still alive.  Chances are McCain will be alive in 2012, which means we would have had four years of what Beck described as a "weird progressive like Theodore Roosevelt" in office.  As The Other McCain notes, it is hard for honest men to disagree with that assessment. 

Whether Palin would have influenced McCain or McCain would not have made some of the government expanding decisions Obama has made, is largely irrelevant at this point.  I have heard Beck argue as did many like-minded Libertarians and Independents, the only real opportunity to wake the American people from their zombie sleep was for them to face the repercussions of giving a leftist Senator with no governing experience the keys to the White House and a blank check in a Congress hell bent on taking the country over the left edge of a cliff into the Big Government abyss.  That was a risk I chose not to make and voted against, but it is hard to argue the zombies are still asleep.

Elections have consequences.  Those who paid no attention to who controlled Congress or bought into Obama's soaring rhetoric only to discover empty words, must stand idly by and watch the country sail into the Big Government abyss or speak up.  Conservatives can spend  their days bashing one who has given his massive audience to the brave Giles and O'Keefe who showed the country why they should really fear ACORN, but to what avail?  Beck's focus on the Czars took Van Jones out of action.  Big Government continues to focus on Obama's inappropriate use of the NEA to create propaganda he hopes will lull the zombies back to their sleep.  Beck can be instrumental in getting that message out.  The bottom line reality is this, Katie Couric would not have bothered to interview Beck before any of that happened.  That Beck said something controversial should shock no one.  Disagree with him on that point if you must.  Beck, however, is not the one with his foot on the pedal with the car teetering on the verge of the Big Government abyss.

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