Friday, October 16, 2009

Blogger Given the Bums Rush by Biden

Blogger Sharp Elbows was removed by Secret Service and police from the premises of a Biden speaking event in St. Louis.  He has video of the events that transpired while he was being removed from the event after having been welcomed and given a White House press pass.  It seems once they checked his blog and discovered he was a conservative blogger the criteria for issuing the press pass and permission to cover the event as a blogger got just a tad more stringent.  You have to watch the video to see but the police and Secret Service think removing the blogger from the event is overkill.  No hard feelings on the blogger's part though:


Thank You Again To The Secret Service And St. Louis County Police Dept. They Were Just Doing Their Jobs! They were SUPER COOL TO ME. Much Respect.
As he says in the video to one of the Secret Service agents at least he has street credibility now as a blogger and now an Instalanche from Instapundit for his troubles. 

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