Monday, October 26, 2009

Conservatives Dominate as Country Moves More to the Right

Gallup's latest poll confirms the country is indeed center-right.  Compared to 2008 more people identify themselves as conservative on issues which is strongly supported in Rasmussen's latest poll on the issues.  Independents are increasingly leaning to the right as well.  In the current poll 40% identify as conservative, 36 as moderate and 20% as liberal.  More importantly, of the Independents, 35% now identify as conservative up from 29% in 2008.  

The country has moved to the right on the issues of abortion, immigration, government regulation, sale of firearms, and global warming.  One interesting change I noted was the self-identified Republicans show a decrease in belief government should promote traditional values moving from 71% in 2008 to 67% in 2009.  Among Independents, however, 37% supported the belief government should promote traditional values whereas 54% support that role for government  now.  There is no doubt that many conservatives who were turned off by the Republican party in recent years now identify as Independent.  This would account for some of the change.  There is no doubt, however, some Independents who were led to believe Obama would govern as a moderate are sending a message that he has taken a hard-left turn to the left.

According to Gallup it appears the increased identification of Independents as conservative may lead to increased support for Republican candidates in 2010.  This is playing out as we speak.  The conservative Republican Bob McDonnell is sailing to victory in Virginia showing moderates and Independents have no trouble supporting a strong candidate.  Deeds repeated use of McDonnell's thesis has done nothing to increase his poll numbers.  In fact, the opposite appears to be true.  The Republican endorsed candidate in NY-23rd election, is trailing the Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman.  While the local committee that appointed Scazzofava may have mistakenly believed they needed to give a nod to someone who appears to be more liberal than the Democratic candidate, they failed to identify a candidate who would have some appeal to conservatives.  There is a lesson in there somewhere for GOP leadership should they decide they like winning elections. 

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