Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Dems Declaring "Mission Accomplished" on Health Care

Jonathan Chait declares "Mission Accomplished" on health care in a post at The New Republic.  Citing the following passage from Roll Call, Chait declares passage of health care a fait accomplis:
As a fallback, Senate Democratic leaders have stepped up their pressure on centrists to stick with the party on procedural votes. At a minimum, leaders have asked all 60 Democrats to allow them to bring a health care bill to the floor in order to make sure Republicans cannot filibuster it.
Democratic Senate aides familiar with the thinking of Conference moderates said centrists want to vote for a health care reform bill — even one that is politically problematic — because it appeals emotionally to their inner Democrat.
I am happy for Chait, who must have read  the final bill and finds it worthy of a bit of excessive celebration in the end zone.  Not that we're anywhere near the end zone, just sayin.  Nevertheless, Chait's post confirms how completely disingenuous the Democrats have been in blaming Republicans for their problems with passing health care.   It's been clear for some time the Democrats can pass something, the question remains what will they pass?   Sooner or later someone will have to make a decision on the hot potato  and that's just one of the tough votes Democrats will need to make as we head into midterm election season.  Congratulations, however, for realizing you have all the votes though , at least for now anyway.
H/T:  Memeorandum

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