Wednesday, October 7, 2009

"Dirty Deeds" Done In by DC

When the going gets tough, Creigh Deeds starts pointing fingers, primarily at Washington, according to a Politico report.  Deeds seems sufficiently convinced the national party's agenda is hurting his candidacy, he is now planning to "reframe" the focus of the race to state issues and away from the legislative agenda in Washington that is currently an albatross for a  Democrat running in a right-of-center state like Virginia.  Recent polls suggest Deeds may be correct in his decision to run away from Obama and the Congressional Democrats.

Deeds has other problems that a switch in focus may not be able to overcome.  McDonnell had an advantage in not having to fight for the party nomination in a primary.  Deeds had two Democratic opponents that he finally beat in an expensive battle that only ended in June.  McDonnell had been able to use that time to introduce himself to the public without a Democratic opponent to paint him as a social conservative.  Deeds also hints that McDonnell has the ability to downplay his social conservatism through his focus and polished presentations:
“If this election is about who’s the smoothest candidate, who can be the slickest communicator, I’m not going to win,”
Oh the irony.  Deeds however has tried to make up for lost time and has beaten the social conservative boogeyman to death with the college thesis written by McDonnell as a whip.  Amazing how everyone has a college thesis isn't it?  Well, everyone except you know who.  This has worked to tighten the race a bit but Deeds has never gotten the lead in any poll since he finished  his primary battle.  In many respects it has worked against him as well.   Voters seem to know little about what Deeds stands for other than using the thesis as part of a nasty campaign.   The Virginia GOP is on top of that theme issuing a great new campaign ad to drive the message home: 

It's nice to be on the side of a winning candidate for a change.
H/T: Memeorandum

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