Thursday, October 22, 2009

Friendship Fairness Czar

 The Hill is reporting on a new Facebook application developed by the GOP, The Friendship Fairness Czar.  Here is a screencap:

Seems I am just below the average of 120 friends so I am eligible for a redistribution of friends from a few more popular folks.  Sarah Palin can probably spare a few.  As The Hill report suggests, it is clearly a joke but it's prominent spot on the new GOP website, near legitimate op-eds " may raise eyebrows on Capitol Hill"  Thanks for the concern really, but I didn't notice any op-eds in the near vicinity of the link to the Facebook application.  I think the authors of the op-eds will survive.

Of course the real reason for the Hill report was to poke a little fun at the Republicans becoming much more active in social media such as Facebook and Twitter.  The Political Carnival posted a snarky response to The Hill report:
Of course, knowing these people as I don't, the Facebook followers will take this whole campaign very seriously and rush to the nearest finger paint set, grab some tea-stained poster board, scrawl a few key misspelled words about "friend czars", salivate profusely, and pester ClusterFox to start promoting another 12-man march.

Everyone else will realize that this was nothing more than a poor attempt at snark.
Speaking of poor attempts at snark....    They really are a much nicer and generally more caring crew on the left, aren't they?  Of course we'd need to pester "Cluster Fox,"  the folks at MSNBC are too busy having strategy sessions at the White House, we couldn't bother them.

On a side note, the picture chosen for the post at The Political Carnival was really hilarious:

Maybe GottaLaff should take a break from snarkfesting and read the latest in Politics Daily:
For the first time since the '08 election, Republicans are raising more money than Democrats, and the GOP hopes that's a sign its fortunes will change at the polls next year. Following up on its weekend fundraising analysis, The Wall Street Journal reports Tuesday that the Republican National Committee brought in $8.8 million in donations in September, compared with $8 million for the DNC. It was the second straight month that Republicans had the edge.
I am sure the GOP will be happy to paint DNC over the sign and rent that Beltway location to the Democrats.

H/T:  Memeorandum

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