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Let's Set the Stopwatch on Richard Heene's 15 Minutes

Gawker bought and paid for the story from an associate of Richard Heene who claims that Heene staged the balloon incident for fame, money and to save the world from Reptilian shape shifters.  Okay then. The adage "consider the source" seems relevant here:
Thomas spent several months earlier this year working on developing a reality science TV show to pitch to networks — the "show," Thomas says, that Falcon was referring to when he told CNN "We did it for the show." Among the ideas that Heene, Thomas and two others came up with for their reality TV proposal — and one that he says most intrigued Heene — involved a weather balloon modified to look like a UFO which they would launch in an attempt to drum up media interest in both the Heene family and the series he was desperate to get on the air. Still, Thomas never imagined that Heene would involve his six-year-old son in what he is certain was a "global media hoax" to further Richard Heene's own celebrity. Thomas' story of his time with Heene, based on an interview with Ryan Tate, follows below. It's a fascinating account and after he publicly offered to sell his story, we paid him for it.
Thomas and Heene's proposal  to ABC seems to explain the Sherrif reopening an investigation after Falcon Heene made the statement "we did it for the show." Thomas seems to have been all in when it came to the reality show but claims to distance himself from Heene when Heene began to entertain bizarre notions such as saving the world from Reptilian shape shifters. 

Allahpundit wonders what proof Gawker received that Thomas actually knew Heene before they agreed to pay for the story. I am assuming the series of emails between them is the proof. Allahpundit links another interesting bit of information in the balloon boy saga however. The Colorado Sherriff's office responded to a 911 call in February:
The Larimer County Sheriff's deputy who went to the home said he heard a man yelling and, once inside, noticed Mayumi Heene had a mark on her cheek and broken blood vessels in her eye. She said it was because of a problem with her contacts.
Obviously the thought of domestic violence springs to mind after reading this report.  That Mayumi explains this as a contact lens problem seems to stir more questions than her explanation answers.  Thomas adds a bit more describing Heene as hyperactive and then describes what sounds to me like paranoid delusions:
But he was motivated by theories I thought were far-fetched. Like Reptilians — the idea there are alien beings that walk among us and are shape shifters, able to resemble human beings and running the upper echelon of our government. Somehow a secret government has covered all this up since the U.S. was established, and the only way to get the truth out there was to use the mainstream media to raise Richard to a status of celebrity, so he could communicate with the masses.
How credible Thomas' account of Heene's behavior remains to be seen.  Richard Heene denied Thomas' account in a comment on a TMZ post:
9. This is Richard. I may not have cable but I do have the internet and I must say I am alarmed at some of the things coming out. Any other inquiries are to be made to my spokesman who I will introduce tomorrow.
I came across this site and this is unreal.
- First of all, this was not a hoax. Falcon WAS missing when the balloon lifted off. Why would we make a hoax with out kid?
- When Falcon was talking about the show, this is what happened: Earlier in the day when we were working on this craft, I told Falcon that someday we would be famous and have our own show and when that happened, he would have to hide in the attic to escape his fans. Are we clear?
- This guy claiming to have worked for me was a fraud. Yes, he will show you my handwriting where I allegedly talk about a plan but it was all a joke at the time.
- Any other questions regarding this incident will be forwarded to my spokesman who I will introduce tomorrow. I will answer more questions tonight.
and please don't come within 200 meters of my house. Read the note.
Yours truly,
Richard Heene

Interesting that  Heene claims Thomas is a fraud but acknowledges he will be able to show his handwriting confirming his "alleged talk" about a plan that was really a joke.   Heene's hiring of a spokesman suggests this is not going away any time soon, unfortunately.  Heene seemed unable to contain himself until he got his spokesperson in place however which is somewhat revealing.  If there is any truth to Thomas' story particularly the paranoid delusions, an underlying story of mental illness escalating emerges. If that is all a "joke" the media is playing into the hands of two publicity hounds.  One has already cashed in while the other faces potential misdemeanor charges in exchange for loads of publicity including an SNL mention.  Let's set the stopwatch on the Heene's 15 minutes pronto.

H/T: Memeorandum

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