Monday, October 5, 2009

Levi Johnston Stars in Advertisement for Nuts

Levi's 15 minutes were up an hour ago. Nevertheless, he "gets crackin" in an advertisement for pistachio nuts. The wonderful pistachio contest offered this video as inspiration for the public to submit their own entries.   The advertisement makes a tasteless "does it with protection" reference that only calls attention to Johnston's own shortcomings.  Still, the ad was deemed appropriate by the Wonderful Pistachio folks.  Are all politics  fair game, I wonder.   There are more than a few Democrats that qualify as nuts, anyone have a commercial they would like to submit?  The grand prize is $25,000 which certainly anyone can use in this Obamaconomy. 

Here is a screencap of the rules for submission of entries:

H/T: Breitbart TV

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