Saturday, October 24, 2009

Liaison Dangereuse: Sexuality Beneath the Burqa

Via Mere Rhetoric who posted this very strange German lingerie ad for Liaison Dangereuse:

(Mild nudity)

Omri Ceren writes:
Actually I have no idea what message this Liaison Dangereuse commercial is trying to send. It's either "burkas are really sexy" or "you can be sexy despite burkas."

I ran the liaison Dangereuse webpage through the German translator and found this message followed by positive responses to the ad:
We believe in limitless femininity and sensuality. Any woman can be sensual, no matter what she loves what she believes or where she lives.

Thank you for the overwhelming flood of positive responses.

"Congratulations, this is the best advertisement I saw this year habe.Weiter so!" SR per Email SR by email

"I have your commercial" Sexiness is everywhere "as seen on the Internet. Congratulations to reach the spot class, tasteful and sexy, but also respectful" TG USA via email

"The reality is even more beautiful" TL, Dubai, Facebook

"Who was in Damascus or Dubai, a thousand times in a laundry business, which knows exactly how it is. Why not?" SG, Facebook SG, Facebook

Of course, we're also looking for any critical voice.
Some of the translations of commentary is really rough but the message Liaison Dangereuse intends is clear,  women can be sexy no matter how they choose to live.  I am just going to take a guess that how they are forced to live might change the dynamic a bit.  There is a fair bit of cultural relativism here. As Omri Ceren also points out, how likely is it that a veiled woman would have her own apartment?  Perhaps if the ad calls attention to the beautiful women who are repressed in both subtle and horrific ways, it serves a purpose.  Most likely the sensationalism will sell some lingerie and give Liaison Dangereuse a higher profile.  In other words,  it will serve its intended purpose.

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