Saturday, October 3, 2009

Olympic Parade of Linkage

Brandon Martin at Daily Uprising sees flashes of purple in the blue state of California. It seems Obama's promise of hope and change may have some welcome albeit unintended consequences for Republicans.

Donald Douglas at American Power had compelling coverage of Elizabeth Smart's revealing testimony at the trial of her kidnapper Brian David Mitchell.

Pat Austin at "And so it goes in Shreveport," has more in her coverage of Kevin Jennings, the safe schools Czar.  Her earlier post on Jennings was one that caused me to pay closer attention to Jennings who is indeed, "a very bizarre czar."

Fishersville MikeTroglopundit, Physics Geek, Smitty, Obi's Sister, Grandpa Steve, The Camp of the Saints, and Texas for Sarah Palin all participated in the Palin Photo Meme instigated by Troglopundit with a photo swiped from American Power. Lots of great fun with the AutoMotivator.

Daily Gator had unique and interesting coverage of the collapse of the Romanian government.  With all the other news today, that piece stood out particularly since it got so little coverage elsewhere.

theblogprof covered the hypocrisy of Michael Moore in his filming of "Capitalism: A Love Story."  Let's redistribute his income as a trial program.

Dan Collins at POWIP covered an amazing piece of work in action.  The video of Tom Carper explaining why he would not bother to read any legislation he was going to sign and we must be fools to think he might is astounding.  Maybe Tom should be reading some books on resume writing.  He might need that skill sometime soon.

Pundette  covered the Olympic Fail but surprised me by liking one of Michelle's dresses.   Shhh, I agree with Pundette on this one, but we don't want anyone to think conservatives might actually be decent human beings on rare occasions.

And finally, William Jacobson won the gold this week.   Reaching his 1,000,000th visit in just a year, Prof. Jacobson proves that when a dedicated  conservative puts their heart into reaching a goal, all things are truly possible.  Congratulations!

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  1. Oh yeah, Elizabeth Smart.  I forgot about that.  I'll head over to check out that link.  


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