Friday, October 2, 2009

Olympic Pitch a Massive Bust- Out in First Round

I guess the international community is not as impressed by the Obama-Chicago contingent as some predicted. I watched a bit of the presentation very late last night. Michelle Obama gave a weak rather guilt-inducing speech; what a surprise. I thought at the time, this is the wrong strategy completely.

Here is NBC news Lester Holt reporting on the elimination from Chicago. Jim Maceda reports that the negatives had been thought to be compensated by the positives of the strong bid presented by the Obamas. Lack of romance was the negative cited by Maceda. Pitching Michelle Obamas personal story and connection with her father was never going to overcome a romance problem. It was entirely the wrong message. Nevertheless, the crowd in Chicago appears to be stunned:

Allahpundit sets the challenge of the day:
There has to be a way to blame this on Bush somehow. Theories welcome in the comments!

UPDATE: The MSM Lament in full swing. Here is Chuck Todd with the rationalization the White House went against its instincts and buckled under pressure from Chicago friends. We all know how those instincts have been so keen of late, haven't they?
In the opening the second MSNBC lament, the irony of they were "out-politicized" is practically surreal. As Ed Morrissey said, "Complaining about politics from this White House is like the Yankees griping about being put at a disadvantage from the free-agent system."

H/T: Memeorandum

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