Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Snow Fell

Politico has a report with the headline "What Is Olympia Snowe Thinking?"  We know the answer to that question, she's not.  As if the vote of Senator Olympia Snowe really represents bipartisan support for health care reform, Max Baucus was reported to be all smiles when Senator Snowe crossed party lines and voted for the Baucus Bill to move it out of committee and to the floor.   Who would be foolish enough to think Senator Snowe's vote actually represents bipartisan support, well beside Max Baucus that is?

Dems will spin it that way but of course it represents nothing of the sort.  The Hill reports Republicans recognize Snowe's vote for what it is.  With Kay Bailey Hutchinson leaving the  Senate to make a run for Texas governor,  her top seat on the Commerce committee will become available.  Snowe was a top candidate to fill the important seat.   Should the GOP vote for Snowe to fill a top seat after she votes today to move the Baucus Bill out of committee giving the Democrats some bogus claim of bipartisanship?

“A vote for healthcare would be something that would weigh on our minds when it came time to vote,” said a Republican on Commerce, who said Snowe would otherwise be assured of the ranking member post if not for the healthcare debate.
Let's hope it weighs on their minds like the anvil the BaucusCare debacle will be on the middle class should it pass.  


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