Sunday, October 11, 2009

Top 10 List of things funnier than the SNL opening skit 10/10/09

Last week's SNL opener was a hopeful start for those of us who believed the crew at SNL would never find anything humorous about the Obama presidency.   This week they were handed a golden  premise on a Nobel Prize platter and fell flat.  Just Karl of Patterico and Hot Air's Green Room fame saw it coming 13 hours before air time.  That alone was funnier than anything in the skit.  After a long look around conservative websites, I have come to the conclusion we know how to spot humor and how to write it.  Here is a top ten list that I have put together, the positioning was a judgment call.    I am sure everyone will have their own interpretation of the funniest.   They were all funnier than SNL, so without further ado ........... drumroll please!

Number 10: Nobel Peace Prize Generator

Number 9: Obama vows at gay dinner he will end "don't ask don't tell", Jake Tapper twitters about strange time warps in "breaking news"

Number 8: Via Breitbart TV, Meredith Viera makes an ass of herself with a young Navy pilot on Millionaire:

Number 7: The Peoples Cube's Cracker Jack Nobel Prize:

Number 6:  Scott Baio tells a Glenn Beck hater, who thinks he has caught Beck lying, he's full of it.

Number 5: Shep Smith Outraged By Bacon Cheese Doughnut Burger: "Sign Of The Apocalypse"

Number 4: Almost anything on twitter with the hash tag CNNFactCheck

Number 3:The Scott Baio finds the bright side of "Cash for Clunkers"

Number 2:  Membership has its privileges

Number 1:  Paco Enterprises locates the  transcripts from the proceedings of the Nobel Prize Committee and discovers It's Yewnanimous
Chairman Thorbjøm Jagland: Vell, ever’body, let’s get dis herring boat on de fjord. Ve vill now take under consideration nominations fer de Nobel Peace Prize. Sissel, vould yew like to go first?

Sissel: Ja, tank yew, Meester Chairman. I’d like tew nominate de Dalai Lama.

Thorbjøm: Yumpin’ yimminy, Sissel! Yew alvays go fer de easy pickins! Yew got tew larn tew t’ink outside de box. Ja, ja, Kaci, I see yer hand flappin’ in de air like a vind sock. Go ahett.

Kaci: I t’ink ve ought tew giff de prize tew Yorge Boosh [suggestion met with jeers and catcalls]. Vait a goldarn minute, folks! Hear me out. Now, ve all know dat Yorge Boosh had fascist tendencies, but he stopped short a’ launchin’ a kew d’etat. Mebbe ve giff him de prize, he don’t come back, by golly.  read the rest here.
If you need to compare any of the above to last night's opening here it is:

The Nobel Prize
by Daily Motion 

Linked by Anne Leary at Backyard Conservative.  Thanks Anne!

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