Thursday, November 12, 2009

Catch A Rising Star Katie Couric

It has been a while since I devoted a whole post to Sarah Palin. Since Sarah Palin announced the publication of her book, she has had more opportunity to defend herself from the usual MSM vicious attacks.  This is something she does far better than I could ever hope to and there are many good people who are devoted to promoting her positions as well. They do this exceptionally well too, anything I might have to add was very well covered.

Today, however, I feel I have a bit to offer. One thing I learned in the 3 1/2 months I have been blogging, nothing draws in readers like a post on Sarah Palin. There is no doubt she has been the sole force breathing life back into disheartened and dispirited conservatives everywhere. When she gave a barn burning speech calling out the obvious contradictions and yes, lies, being sold by the Obama team that were held up as profound truths by the media she gave voice to the rising frustrations of conservatives who wanted someone - anyone to point out the rising emperor was naked as a jay bird. This, as we know, made her target number one to the left and their soul mates in the media.

A year later many of those blinded by the false promise of hope and change are finally opening their eyes to the harsh realization the change Obama brought as President is hopeless. While Palin has yet to gain the credit she fully deserves for having been far more insightful than those who continue to mock her, there is no disputing that they've come to appreciate her power to draw an audience and keep it. The latter part, no doubt, comes as a huge surprise to the left wing media who are bleeding audience like a stuck pig, sans the lipstick of course.

With the release of Palin's book just days away, the media is licking their chops in hopes of drawing in that audience. There are a few big culprits, but this Time article just reeked "cashing in" when I first read it. It's just a weird mix of pointing to her popularity, poking at it and then pleading for a share. Nearly every paragraph or two is followed by a link to a Palin video, a spread of fashion photos or a shameless plug for a tangentially related article. Nearly every opportunity to try and paint her the fool is exploited, the worst being the heavily edited tape of Palin and Biden at the VP debate last year. The tape follows a quote by Senator Grassley praising Palin for expressing herself well. Nevermind that Biden has been such a gaffemaster in the last year the Obama administration has used its' most creative energy into finding new ways to keep him as far from a microphone and camera as possible. How about channeling some of that creativity into finding those three letter things we call "jobs?"

It's no secret Oprah lost a bigger chunk of audience than, well...I won't go there. Now that her political hero is safely tucked in the White House, she hopes to regain what she lost by launching Palin's book tour. Here's the harsh truth, however, Oprah will see a surge in audience and will get a taste of what she used to enjoy regularly only to find it lost again the next day. Here's her latest effort to play nice and perhaps mend a few fences. More importantly, Oprah's goal is obvious, promote the heck out the upcoming interview.

Allahpundit just linked this preview from the Oprah interview. If these video clips are any indication of Palin's performance on Oprah, the media is about to experience a lesson in the law of unintended consequences. The media that loves to hate her is about to payback with interest the woman most deserving of the rewards of Palin's star power, namely Sarah Palin.  Palin's star is rising, not waning, a fact that is something of a mixed blessing for Katie Couric and her network.   Ironically it may be the media that needs her that never lets her fade away.

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Watch CBS News Videos Online

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