Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween was a Thriller

Donald Douglass at American Power:  Friday Night Political Post-Mortems round up of winners and losers on this busy Halloween news day.

Pat at "And so it goes in Shreveport has a bit of the devil in her today.

Anne Leary, the "Backyard Conservative" had a winning costume.

Carol's Closet does a post-mortem on tort reform because Pelosi's bill gave the shop to the lawyers as usual.

Brandon Martin at Daily Uprising has the Crowder report on Halloween at the White House, very funny.

Fausta covers Jake Tapper's calculator abuse.  Math is hard for the White House.

Doug Ross @Journal has a very frightening graph, oh my.

Quoth The Daley Gator "Nevermore," you could end up on the wrong side of the fence.

Fishersville Mike discovers the theme for Democratic voters and sets it to song.

Honest in Motion uncovers the essential Geraldo.  I wonder if there is more to him than the Capone vault.

Monique Stuart spots a new strategy by the Dems, you will never guess who they blame.

Snaggletoothie has incredible taste in videos. Snaggletoothie is snaggalicious.

Stacy McCain went to New York for Halloween dressed as a reporter.  It was the talk of the blogosphere.

Professor Jacobson finds Doug Hoffman SCAAARY.  Is there a rule on the number of A's that applies here?

Nice Deb spotted a Psycho.  No Sheeples trots out a new graphic for her FMJ reach around but her Valor is Stability video is astounding.

Paco sends a short cordial note to his fellow Americans.  Are they slitherin', Slytherins or stupid?

Pundit & Pundette have a problem with "Chunky Girl" but are all for Fat Power.  They are right on both counts.

Jimmie Bise at "Sundries Shack" finds there is no lasering in baseball.  There sure wasn't any going on by my Phils tonight.

Verum Serum has the new Avatar trailer; definitely not in Kansas anymore.  It actually looks fantastic.

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