Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Obama Approval Hits New Lows

Rasmussen reports approval for Obama's job performance has fallen to 45% among likely voters while disapproval reaches a new high of 54%. The passion index, meaning the difference between those who strongly approve (27%) and those who strongly disapprove (42%) is a negative 15. Obama's approval among unaffiliated voters is tanking:
Fifty-two percent (52%) of Democrats Strongly Approve while 68% of Republicans Strongly Disapprove. Among those not affiliated with either major political party, just 16% Strongly Approve and 51% Strongly Disapprove[.]
As Ed Morrissey notes at Hot Air, this should sound the alarm bells for Congressional Democrats facing reelection in 2010:
A 45/54 split in the first year in office isn’t exactly the “hope and change” Obama had in mind. The intensity of his opposition has long eclipsed the intensity of his support, but the number among independents should be alarming for Capitol Hill Democrats facing the voters in 2010. A solid majority of independents now stronglydisapprove of Obama, and only a sixth of them strongly approve. Democrats know what that means for a midterm that will serve as a referendum on the President and their legislative agenda.
Approval for Obama continues to remain strong only among young voters according to Rasmussen.  Unfortunately  for Democrats these are not voters who make a strong showing in midterm elections.  

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