Wednesday, November 18, 2009

On Dim-Witted Boys With Palin Obsessions

Via Memeorandum

There are a few things you can count on in life these days. If there is a foreign leader in the vicinity Obama will bow.  If a couple billion borrowed dollars have been spent some Obama bean counter will pretend a job was "created or saved,"  If Sarah Palin is in the news someone will stick a microphone in front of Levi Johnston's face and ask for a comment. With the release of Sarah Palin's book, the clock was ticking for the man-child who impregnated her daughter to make an asinine comment that would garner more attention in the headline news. It didn't take long:
Johnston: I just look at her in disgust. ... It's almost funny, that she's like, 46 years old, and she's battling a 19 year old, and I'm winning. And I'm telling the truth. She's lying and losing. ... If you look at her face, she's got -- she's really -- you can tell her mind's going 100 miles an hour when Oprah asked her those Levi questions. ... I've got a lot more knowledge and credibility than she gives me credit for.
I have mentioned here before that as a mother of a nineteen year old daughter, this guy is about my worst nightmare. As the mother of a 15 year old boy I can swear absolutely a van full of pubescent boys, laughing themselves silly over fart jokes, will not collectively say anything as juvenile as Johnston's statement here. The lone boy who might be the exception is the one who hasn't an ounce of decency or integrity.  When these miscreants get older they make ludicrous statements. and pretend they are really analyzing the news:
You know what: he's right. And in this war of nerves, he is the one not blinking.
This war of nerves?  Seriously?  What kind of journalist spends their time wondering whether this dim-witted boy from Wasilla is blinking?  I bet most of you don't even need to click the link to know the answer.


  1. ***Giggles*** Yeah this guy isn't too bright.  What is he supposed to be winning anyway.  

  2. Some war in his mind with the grandmother of his child  ***eye roll***   He's as dumb as they get Brooke 

  3. EXCELLENT post here, ruby slippers. i have two daughters 18 and 21. i couldn't agree more: this moron is every mothers' worst nightmare. as for the press quoting him? they're just as dumb and opportunistic as levi.

  4. Hi, so nice to meet you.  It says loads about our press that this guy has anything to say at all.  His only value in this is that he might have some inside dirt for them to smear her with.  If he doesn't make it up, they'll make it up anyway.  


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