Thursday, November 5, 2009

Pelosi Plan Exposed

In light of the Democrat's intention to bring the Pelosi House health care legislation to a vote this weekend, is running a 12 hour telecast, "Pelosi Plan Exposed: 12 Truths about PelosiCare and Republican Alternatives." I have been listening for some time now and find it quite helpful. The topics being covered include:
Health Care & Small Business
Health Care & Taxes
Health Care & Seniors
Health Care & The Economy
Health Care & Your Money
Health Care & The Culture Of Life
Health Care & Low Income Households And Rural America
Health Care & Families And Women
Health Care & Young Americans
Health Care & Patients And Doctors
Health Care & States
 Panelists are accepting questions via Facebook and Twitter, there is also a button to submit questions directly.

Pat Austin also pointed to a new site where GOP leaders are analyzing sections of the bill and including their personal comments about these sections.  Health care reform, as proposed by the Democrats will be the largest expansion of government in over 40 years.  Our health care industry represents 1/6 of our entire economy, this is far too important for Democrats to be experimenting with.  The better informed we are on the proposed reforms, the better we are able to fight them.

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