Saturday, November 7, 2009

What if Medicare and the IRS had a Baby?

House Minority leader John Boehner included this video on his GOP Leader blog earlier. The video shows the brief statement by Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) from a press conference this morning with House Republican Leaders. Brady found a colorful way to illustrate the enormous new government bureaucracy that will be created if Pelosi's health care legislation becomes law.

We developed this chart based on Nancy Pelosi’s new health care plan….The new chart shows more than 90 of these new mandates, commissions and agencies. The true number is well over 100, we simply ran out of space.

In terms of sheer bureaucracy, if the IRS and Medicare had a baby, it would look like this. And the question is how is that going to make our health care more affordable?

Big Government has a reminder of the backlash experienced by Dan Rostenkowski back in 1989 when he led the way in passing the Catastrophic Health Care Act. This was indeed the original health care town hall protest that so rattled Rostenkowski the act was repealed immediately. The 1989 Act was a drop in the government expansion bucket compared to the House bill being debated at this moment. The cuts seniors would have taken to their health care were minimal compared to the enormous cuts the House bill makes to cover just a portion of the bill's massive price tag.

The backlash Democrats who vote for this debacle will be enormous. Democrats seem to think this vote will help them with voters who sent a giant wakeup call this week in Virginia and New Jersey. This bill is a multi-trillion dollar train wreck. Were it not for the fact that undoing it would prove nearly impossible, we could stand by and watch as it claims its rightful casualties as the Catastrophic Health Care Act claimed Rostenkowski. Nevertheless we must do what we can to stop this train in it's tracks

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