Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baghdad Bob Blasts the Blaming Blamers Before He Blames Them

The long hard hours required to work in a new administration must be getting to poor ole Baghdad Bob Gibbs. The alternative explanation for this face-palm video clip is that the man is seriously off his meds and doesn't have a clue what words actually come out of his mouth.  If this is a multiple choice exam, I choose D. All of the Above.

Though Gibbs has long been an absurd spokesmen for this rather absurd administration, he is becoming increasingly belligerent and bizarre as he tries to rationalize the policy positions of this administration.  Perhaps that is a job predisposed to failouure but he's on a serious losing streak these days.  Take his recent bizarre rant on Obama's Gallup poll numbers for example, how often do you see an administration getting in a tit-for-tat with a pollster?  He also was outrageously condescending to an African American woman reporter who  dared to challenge the whereabouts of social secretary Desiree Rogers in the recent party crashing scandal.  He is on a roll.

Today is an amazing encore performance as he bashes the blamers just before he rolls out this administration's only consistent policy position; blame Bush and blame the Republicans:
Robert Gibbs: "The American people have watched for decades people playing the blame game. If the blame game put people to work, we would all be rolling money."
Robert Gibbs: “Given the fact that the largest -- the largest driver in our fiscal irresponsibility were a series of programs that weren't paid for -- right? -- taxes cut in 2001 and 2003 that weren't paid for; a Medicare prescription drug benefit that wasn't paid for; wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that weren't paid for." - and - "I appreciate the ability to forget anything that happened before we got here. The president inherited an economic downturn. He inherited a massive budget deficit."
Here's the rest:

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