Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Howard Dean Slugfest with Mary Landrieu

The Dem civil war over health care is getting uglier by the minute. Chris Matthews has the villain of the White House and darling of the progressives, Howard Dean, for a full segment on "Hardball."  Matthews takes Dean to task for opposing the President's health care reform and accuses him of demagoguery when Dean argues reconciliation was the solution to get the public option the left so desires.  After pounding him on this point, Matthews brings Mary (Louisiana Purchase) Landrieu on to debate the merits of the bill as it stands.  Landrieu, whose vote has been dutifully bought sets out to shill for the bill.

Landrieu and Dean go to loggerheads when Landrieu defends the villain of the progressives, Joe Lieberman.   If you are pressed for time the fireworks ensue at 10:00

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