Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last Links for 2009

Ed Morrissey relates his personal experience with Rush Limbaugh in Prayers for a Friend

Throw a Snowball at Washington it could be our last best hope to stop ObamaCare

Daley Gator covers Barbara Boxer's campaign contribution shenanigans.

KFC Christmas - What's on  the menu for Christmas Eve in Japan?

Lisa Graas, who works relentlessly to promote conservative bloggers and causes, launched Blogs for Johnson.  The network of blogs supporting Bill Johnson for the GOP primary in Kentucky is growing, join Lisa in supporting this fine conservative candidate.

Carol's Closet wonders who is paying for sellout Ben Nelson's 30 second Holiday Bowl ad.

Fishersville Mike has a hilarious take on the Bud - wise -er ads with a little photoshopping help from No Sheeples Here.

Speaking of No Sheeples, Carol sees Clowns to the left and Jokers to the right.  Who's stuck in the middle?

Obi's Sister has your fireworks right here, haha

Paco's "Tee'd Off"

Jill has some airline security suggestions for Obama.

Will The Other McCain succeed in his quest for the ultimate Alyssa Milano retweet?  The world is waiting and watching.

Pat Austin  examines whether Obama is projecting calm or indifference.  I am going with the latter.

Chris at Wyblog found an AARP card that he might actually carry.

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