Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Woods Latest Mistress In the News

Via  Twitter
Heh, Fox Nation merits a few props for this headline:
Another Tiger Woods Mistress Rears Head
Three more women say they have played a round with Tiger.
So, if we add Manhatten club socialite Cori Rist ( Is that an occupation) to the collection of porn stars, party promoters,  waitresses and would-be models to the mix, Tiger has had himself quite the romp off the golf course.  He seems to have quite the predilection for blondes, though Perkins waitress Mindy Lawton  and model Kalika Moquin prove he can vary his swing.    I could comment on  his taste in women but I think the pictures speak for themselves:

Fox Nation reports:

Jungers, 26, reportedly hired an Orlando lawyer and prepared to dish her story to a British tabloid, reports.
It looks as though Tiger is going to be the king of the supermarket tabloids for quite a while.

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