Sunday, January 31, 2010

Baghdad Bob Gibbs Says One Vote Away From Health Care

When Bob Gibbs spins the news he really spins it. I think what he is really saying in the following clip is they would only need to pass the Senate bill in the House which would be one more vote. I don't think he is saying that they are just one vote shy of being able to actually pass the Senate bill in the House meaning they have 217 and need to twist one more arm to get to 218. They would have been holed up with the likely Congressman all weekend twisting away. Still if his comment leaves the impression they are just inches away from health care all the better as far as he's concerned.

I don't suppose it has ever dawned on him or any of the desperate Democrats still hell bent on health care the continued uncertainty that they might pass this debacle is hurting job growth. Employers need to know what it will cost them to hire new employees. The longer they keep this monster alive the less likely their pivot to jobs has any hope of even looking remotely successful. Keep spinning Bob, it's worked wonders for the administration so far. Why change course now?

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