Thursday, January 21, 2010

Benedict Arlen's Bachmann Buffoonery

Arlen Specter's defection to the Democratic caucus is the gift that keeps on giving to Republicans.  Never have I been so grateful this guy is no longer our problem.  Witness his attempt to make a fool of Michelle Bachmann in a radio debate when he tells her to "act like a lady."

As a PA voter, I can't wait to go to vote against this clown. He is the poster child for term limits. Right now, things are not looking very a positive for Arlen's re-election. Pat Toomey is leading in the latest Rasmussen poll 49 to 40. Toomey leads by 8 points over Arlen's challenger Joe Sestak. Specter is beating Sestak by a mind boggling 21 points. oh, and there is more:
Political analyst Larry Sabato now rates the Pennsylvania Senate race as a toss-up, but, given the current political climate, he says Toomey would be the winner if the election were held today. Sabato also projects that if the election were held today, the Democrats' 59-seat majority in the Senate would be down to 52.

Specter is viewed very favorably by 16% of Pennsylvania voters but very unfavorably by more than twice as many (33%).

Twelve percent (12%) have a very favorable view of Toomey, while 10% regard him very unfavorably. For Sestak, very favorables total eight percent (8%), and very unfavorables stand at 11%.
 While Democrats have tried to cut their looming losses in November by urging certain losers to spend time with their families in the joy of retirement, try telling that to Arlen.  Better still, Obama promised to campaign for Arlen as part of the package of goodies used to assure Arlen jumping ship would get him what he desperately wanted another term in office.  Hello Arlen - Obama has quite the track record campaigning doesn't he?  Good luck with that. points to another problem for Democrats in PA:
  Pennsylvania Democratic Party chairman T.J. Rooney made case for Congressman Joe Sestak (D-7) to drop out of the Democratic primary against Specter
I guess they're afraid they might have a little trouble getting another Democrat elected to fill Sestak's seat and the party could preserve resources:
 Rooney said a Sestak withdrawal would allow Specter to focus more on the general-election campaign, while Sestak, a retired Navy vice admiral, could lock in his seat representing the 7th District in suburban Philadelphia for two more years _ saving the party money in an important election year.

"To use a Navy metaphor, we need hands on deck this year," the party chairman said.
Sestak's campaign responded that it's staying the course.
How's that party switch working out for ya Arlen?

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