Monday, January 18, 2010

Chris Matthews Predicts Double Digit Brown Win

Is the tingle gone? Chris Matthews appeared on Morning Joe to discuss the hot news story that is the Senate race in Massachusetts. Matthews is focused on the bellwethers or "mini Massachusettses" as he describes them. Matthews has recent info from Suffolk University whose most recent poll showed a 4 point Brown lead.  Suffolk was polling as late as last night and found double digit leads for Brown causing Matthews to conclude the election is going to go to Brown.  Matthews spends some time discussing some of the unbelievable Coakley gaffes including her statement Catholics shouldn't work in emergency rooms.

Matthews, clearly hasn't lost the tingle.  He goes on to promote his two hour special tonight "Obama's America:  2010 and beyond.  He will look at the promise of the Obama presidency and Chris, of course, still sees plenty of tingle in Obama's future.  Perhaps he can use those two hours to play the religion card as he does in this clip as well.  You'll find this at the 4:30 marker.

This is a long clip so for those interested in the poll information you'll find that early in the discussion.   Matthews has always said that the trend in the polls from the Thursday before the election predicts the outcome.  In this election the trend is clearly on Brown's side.

For More:

Ed Morrissey covers more of poll analysis and adds Stuart Rothenberg sees Brown headed for a "comfortable win."
Reaganite Republican has a terrific round up of coverage of polls, the latest from Intrade and more on the election that is shaping up to be the perfect present for Obama on the eve of his one year anniversary as President.

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