Friday, January 1, 2010

David Broder Sports a Kool Aid Mustache for the New Year

David Broder gives us a preview of the mental gymnastics the Obama-loving media will need to exercise in order to keep up the pretense there is anything remotely resembling competence going on down in DC.  Perish the notion the water carriers might have sworn off slobbering love fests as a New Years resolution; they're just going to package up the kool aid they drink on a daily basis and sell it wholesale.

Broder has taken on the challenge of painting Janet  Napolitano as a competent shining star of the Obama administration, hilarity ensues.   Take this dramatic reframing of her disastrous Sunday talk show flub when she calmly declared a system worked:
It must have been a frantic time for her. She was in San Francisco, far from her Washington office, and she must have had a sleepless night. But her eyes were bright, and her voice was calm. Everything appeared to be completely normal, except that her usual sense of humor was absent, as it should have been, given the circumstances.
 Words fail, a frantic time for her?  What about the folks who still had flights to catch?  The Secretary of homeland security had just declared the system that allowed a suspected terrorist to board a flight with explosives sewn in his underpants a blazing success, what do they consider failure?  Broder has no worries folks her eyes were bright despite a sleepless night.  Oh and she didn't crack any jokes; we're blessed I tell you.

Broder doesn't really bother to defend Napolitano so much as laud her political acumen and raise the possibility she could succeed Obama as president.  Heaven help us:
The Obama Cabinet is filled with talents, but many of the stars are of an age or temperament unlikely to turn them into successor candidates. Napolitano will face many substantive tests -- not just in dealing with terrorism but in playing an important role in immigration reform -- before she is a candidate for anything. But her potential is almost unlimited.
Hello???  Earth to David Broder.   There are Democrats joining the rising call for Napolitano's resignation but Broder sees unlimited potential for her political career - this is wishful thinking on steroids.  Broder may have wanted to defend a person he has come to admire but is unable to make the case.  His nostalgic trip through Napolitano's political resume left an embarrassing kool aid mustache beneath his permanently brown-stained nose.  The look is decidedly not flattering.

H/T: Memeorandum

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