Wednesday, January 27, 2010

David Shuster is a Douchebag

Allahpundit has a report from Fox News citing sources close to James O'Keefe who claim the young man who exposed widespread corruption at ACORN is not charged with wiretapping.  Andrew Breitbart asks the media to wait for the facts before pronouncing O'Keefe guilty.

The left wing media and bloggers have been positively joyful since hearing the news of O'Keefe's arrest and have been vigilantly watching the right wing bloggers for signs of hypocrisy:

Can someone tell me how long it took Shuster to report on ACORN? It's no secret the media did everything humanly possible to ignore the ACORN scandal.  Truth be told, nearly every blogger has reported the story and issued some statement condemning the use of illegal means.  That is not good enough for the likes of David Shuster who can't wait to condemn the 25 year old, meanwhile FT Hood shooter Nidal Hassan got the benefit of the doubt.  Here is a selection of Shuster's tweets on O'Keefe:

He flat out admits he is enjoying it.  Whatever O'Keefe ends up being proved guilty of remains to be seen, Shuster, however, just proved himself to be a hypocritical douchebag.  Sorry, douchebag was the nicest term I could think of to describe him.

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