Sunday, January 17, 2010

Democrats Think They Have the Dirt on Brown

Via Memeorandum

Blue Mass Group is all but rubbing their hands with glee thinking the answer to the pesky Republican who could win Uncle Teddy's seat is contained in this video:

A few sites are opting just to run with a shortened version highlighting the damning moment when Brown questions whether Obama was born out of wedlock.

This is the highlight according to the left:
Brown: Barack's mom had him when she was, what, 18 years old?
Guest: And married!
Brown: Well, I don't know about that.
MSNBC covered Michelle Obama speaking on July 10,2008 at an event in Kansas City MO.  This is MSNBC's coverage mind you, who wrote:
His own mother, she said at the beginning of her remarks, was "very young and very single when she had him." And, Obama added, he has observed his wife's attempts to reconcile motherhood with her career aspirations.
Perhaps Michelle Obama is misinformed or otherwise unclear about the marital status of her husbands parents when Stanley Anne "had him," I don't know.  Let's look at what Barack wrote in Dreams from my Father

The lefty blogs  know better than Barack, however, and are busy making some wacky connections to paint Brown as a "Birther:"
Complicating matters for Brown is the fact that, around the time the video was taped, the fringier elements of the conservative movement were advancing this theory--that Obama's mother wasn't married when he was born--as a related matter to the more important "Obama was born in Kenya" theory.
The New Republic runs with it:

 Dude, seriously get a grip.  If Brown was mistaken, Michelle and Barack Obama seem to be mistaken as well.  The left caught us off guard when they went on the "Sarah Palin is a book burning bitch from hell" extravaganza.  We've witnessed the psychotic obsessions with her virtual uterus.  We've already seen the game book, perhaps the left needs to try something new or at least step up their game.

Within a few minutes of witnessing the left wing bloggers working themselves up into a smeargasm, there were links with statements from the Obama's dug from the archives to counter the attack.  If this is what the left has had hidden up its sleeve for the last minute surprise, Coakley is in big trouble.


  1. I read a book about Barack Obama- The American Journey of Barack Obama. I know that his father had more than one wife. I thought his dad was "married" to his first wife and wanted Stanley Ann to be his second wife and did in fact marry her. In this book, it says that they got divorced. But I do have to wonder, since bigamy can't happen in the US, what was the status of that marriage.

  2. Great point, I also think there were enough confusing statements like Michelle's "single when she had him" that would excuse someone from not knowing whether his parents were married when he was born.


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