Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Republicans are Playing Chess While the Democrats ...

H/T : Hot Air

I've posted a few Daily Show clips in the past but this is definitely one of the best.  Jon Stewart does a full 10 minutes on the Massachusetts election highlighting nearly all of Martha Antoinette's worst moments.  Towards the end he really lets loose on the Democrats desperate need to maintain their 60 vote super majority when Bush did "whatever the f*** he wanted to do!" without anywhere near the majority Dems currently enjoy.  

Truth be told Bush courted Democrats and pushed legislation that Democrats found appealing.  In his earliest days in the White House he sought Ted Kennedy's support for No Child Left Behind and got it passed.  Later he pushed the prescription drug legislation successfully as well.  Of course some of this legislation angered his base and did nothing to win the support of the left.  Still, the Obama administration and the Democratic Congress have not attempted to work with Republicans and would rather cry about Republican obstructionism.  We all know we didn't have the votes to obstruct anything which brings us to the vote today in Massachusetts.  While we are waiting for the polls to close, some humor from a frustrated liberal pointing to the failures of Democrats is a delicious time filler.  Here's the clip:

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Backyard Conservative has a pic of Martha Antoinette with a throng of admirers.

Legal Insurrection is live blogging the election day events

Maggies Notebook has an instance of voter fraud in Lawrence MA

Nice Deb has the video of Coakley thugs throwing a reporter out of their offices.

Obi's Sister makes a market prediction.

No Sheeples has a great photoshop "Can you hear it Martha?"

Pundette reports Obama's not pleased with Coakley's struggling candidacy. Who's that in the dunk tank?

UPDATE: Just added this post by Track A Crat. You have to see the poster, it's fantastic.


  1. Did I just hear him call Ted Kennedy "the most beloved liberal in the history of the US Senate"?

    Wow...I don't even know how to respond to that. We live on different planets.

  2. Thanks for the link. Under the weather today...just took a long nap so that hopefully I can stay up for some election returns!

    Go Brown!

  3. Nicedeb - Yup, they certainly look at Kennedy from an entirely different perspective. Different planets is a good description. That is really why a Brown win would be the most delicious irony.

    Obi's Sister I hope you're feeling better. We need to be in full celebration mode for this.

  4. MarySue, thank you for the link.

    Wish I had come up with that poster myself, but, unfortunately, I have no photoshop skills.

    Love the site banner!

  5. Hey thanks for that. Whether or not you created the poster, it was absolutely perfect for the post which was certainly great as well.


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