Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Roger Ebert Should Stick to Movie Reviews

Because he clearly doesn't get politics or show an inkling of understand what voters in Massachusetts were saying with their vote. Here's Ebert's twitter review:
Massachusetts to Teddy: "F—k you."
I guess he thought a G rating would kill the box receipts.  As he occasionally does in his movie reviews, Ebert missed the message.  The voters may have been saying F' you but they were intending to send the message to those who locked themselves in the Senate until Christmas eve while they bribed and coerced their way to passing a vote on a *really* unpopular bill.  Rasmussen clarifies from his exit poll results:
Health care has been a huge issue in this election. Fifty-two percent (52%) of Brown voters say it was the most important issue in determining their vote. Sixty-three percent (63%) of Coakley voters say health care was the top issue:
  • · 78% of Brown voters Strongly Oppose the health care legislation before Congress.
  • · 52% of Coakley supporters Strongly Favor the health care plan. Another 41% Somewhat Favor the legislation.
  • · 61% of Brown voters say deficit reduction is more important than health care reform.
  • · 46% of Coakley voters say health care legislation more important than deficit reduction.
  • · 86% of Coakley voters say it’s better to pass the bill before Congress rather than nothing at all.
  • · 88% of Brown voters say it’s better to pass nothing at all.

 So clearly the message was don't spend another trillion of our hard earned dollars on garbage legislation we've been trying to tell you through the polls we don't want.  Voters also intended to send the message the Democrats had better stop pretending they were interested in the middle class.  Voters in the  middle income range (40,000 - 100,000) went with Brown.  Coakley led among the poor and the rich.

Congress might want to consider listening to the moderates they've been hemorrhaging all year instead of calling everyone who disagreed with their agenda tea baggers and racists.  Brown led by 13 points among self described moderates and captured 22% of the Democratic vote.   The voters were tired of Congress saying, well, for lack of a more artful description F'' you.


  1. Ebert's right, and I give that Two Thumbs Up... 'cuz that's what I HAVE to say to Teddy Kennedy too!

    Nice Job, Scott-

  2. We might be surprised at just how significant a moment this turns-out to be... for Scott Brown, as well as the nation. Just like Reagan's 1984 campaign commercial- "It's Morning in America"-

    Great post here, FWIW it's linked at the Reaganite Republican...

  3. Thanks so much, I really appreciate the link.


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