Thursday, February 25, 2010

Gergen: GOP "Had Their Best Day In Years"

This was a surprising much talked about review from David Gergen on CNN today:

The Fix lists winners and losers from the health care summit as well:
Tom Coburn was indeed highly effective:
Tom Coburn: The Oklahoma senator is among the most conservative voices in Congress but his remarks emerged as a -- rare -- rallying point during the day. Coburn's comments on the necessity of eliminating waste and fraud from the health care system drew nods from the president and kudos from a handful of Democratic and Republican politicians gathered at Blair House. In a room dominated by politicians trying to score political points or vamp for the cameras, Coburn stood out.
I've already mentioned Paul Ryan but here is a bit more:
Paul Ryan: Speaking of the Wisconsin Republican, it was clear that the president regards him as a serious thinker and adversary while his GOP colleagues often deferred to him on matters of health care and budget policy. Ryan helped burnish his credentials a rising star within the Republican party; he was partisan but drove his attacks using data rather than pure political rhetoric.

There is little dispute on the left and right Harry Reid was one of the key losers today:
Harry Reid: Reid is the consummate behind the scenes player. And, today he reminded us again of why. Reid, who spoke within the summit's first hour, was extremely combative -- a tone that seemed out of step with the overall tenor of the meeting in which most attendees tried to pay at least lip service to the idea of bipartisanship before launching into the attacks. Not Reid. "Let's make sure we talk about facts," Reid scolded Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.). Later, he interrupted Coburn and said the Oklahoma Senator was trying to "filibuster."

Will update as I find new reviews
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  1. Great post MarySue, sums it up well and linked at Reaganite Republican... thx again!


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