Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Hitler Parody of the Day

I haven't posted any of the Hitler parody videos although I think they are usually hilarious and very creative each in their own way. By now I have seen so many I watch for specific parts such as Hitler's fingers trembling as he takes off his glasses, the soldiers being dismissed from the room and the woman comforting a younger female. It's not that you are going to be surprised by Hitler's screaming rant anymore but what the parodist does with each part. This was posted earlier by Instapundit so for the most part there isn't much point in my posting it as well. Nevertheless, I thought this surreal take on the parody with Hitler's idea for a Hitler parody being taken was particularly clever. My son still lists Hitler Finds out the Ending of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince as one of his personal favorites. Are there really 197 of these?

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  1. I am thinking of starting a new site-


    No shortage of material out there, LOL


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