Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Miss Me Yet" Mystery

Via Memeorandum
 Instapundit had this posted earlier and now video has been posted at Breitbart TV.  This mysterious billboard looks an awful lot like Troglopundit's Bush automotivator.  NPR  reports the billboard is indeed real but the push is on to find out who paid for the billboard and whether or not the message is ironic?
At first glance, it would seem to be from some person or group who isn't thrilled by President Barack Obama's performance so far -- unless it's a more ironic message from those who didn't think too much of Bush and want to remind voters about him.

Anyone out there know anything about where it came from? Tell us and we'll pass the word to Bob. As he says, we could do a little crowdsourcing.
If it is Troglopundit's , the original intent was certainly not ironic and I sincerely doubt whoever paid for it to be posted on a billboard intended the message to be ironic either.   There appears to be a groundswell of support for more billboards too.  From the comments at the NPR post:
Please find out so we can start contribution to help pay for more...all over the country. 
How about t-shirts?

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