Tuesday, February 16, 2010

She Snapped

“She snapped,” said a source who knows Bishop, adding of the enigmatic egghead that talking with her was “like crawling to the bottom of a coal mine with the lights off. I don’t think (her husband) ever really understood her. I don’t think anybody did.”

Her husband knew  her well enough to take her to the shooting range a few days before she shot 6 of her colleagues, three fatally.  He doesn't know her well enough to know where she got the gun though.  Nothing unusual happened on the shooting range trip and she didn't reveal nor did he ask evidently, why the sudden interest in a trip to the shooting range.  "She was just a normal professor," he said.  No I wouldn't say your average professor has quite the history Amy Bishop has had:

Her husband said Monday he had known about her brother being shot, but said "it was an accicdent. That's all I knew about it."

In another incident, The Boston Globe  reported that Bishop and her husband were questioned by investigators looking into apipe bomb sent to one of Bishop's colleagues, Dr. Paul Rosenberg, at Children's Hospital Boston in 1993. The bomb did not go off, and nobody was ever charged.
She has quite the history of snapping, maybe someone should have gotten to the bottom of the coal mine a long time ago.    Neighbors recall her asking police to shoo noisy kids off their street with a broom.  They had a pizza party the day Bishop and her husband moved from the neighborhood.  Neighbors recall the explosion of the pipe bomb on Dr. Rosenberg's front yard.  I guess normal is in the eye of the beholder.   Her husband is sticking by her though "so far."

Still no mention in the MSM Bishop was a socialist or obsessed with Obama, not that it's relevant, unless she went to a tea party or supported Sarah Palin.  Then, it would be really really relevant to the MSM.

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