Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wisconsin Planned Parenthood Ignores Sexual Abuse of 14 Year-old Girl

Via  Hot Air comes the latest Lila Rose undercover video expose of WI Planned Parenthood conspiring to avoid reporting the sexual abuse of a minor by a 31 year-old man.   Liveaction reports:
In the video, after hearing the girl is 14 and her boyfriend is "much older," the counselor says whether or not the situation will be reported by clinic workers "depends on the person you're disclosing that information to." When the girl says that her boyfriend is 31, the counselor tells her, "You don't have to say anything" about the statutory rape and instructs her, "Just give them the information that's needed." The counselor also confirms that the 31-year-old "boyfriend" will be paying for the abortion.

In Wisconsin, sex between an adult and a minor under age 16 is a felony, and health care professionals are required to report such cases to law enforcement immediately. The law specifically includes abortion providers in this requirement.
 Of course the "boyfriend" will not be reported, he will be paying because abortion is never about what is best for the woman, or in this case child, and the pre-born, it is about money.  It's an industry that holds much influence over the Democratic Congress and White House as witnessed by the inclusion of $11 billion dollars in funding in the President's health care bill.  Though the money is set aside for the innocuous sounding  "community health centers" much of it will find its way to Planned Parenthood much the same way stimulus money is going to fund new Planned Parenthood facilities.  These are our tax dollars hard at work "creating and saving."

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  1. Another great undercover video revealing the truth about Planned Parenthood. And, the White House via there health care bill is willing to fund planning and killing. These pro-aborts are so sickening.


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