Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Alan Grayson and Rick Sanchez Tag Team Jordan Marks

Via Newsbusters who also has a transcript in case anyone wants to verify that the insanity word for word, because it is just that incredible. Alan Grayson seems to be going for some sort of award for inflammatory speech. Here is a sample:
GRAYSON: You know, listen, people like you -- people like you -- and it's very apt that your name is Marks -- people like you, your dreams turn into other people's nightmares. And it's time you owned up to it.

MARKS: We as conservatives believe we have winning principles and we stick by these principles. Small government.

GRAYSON: Your principles are violence.

MARKS: I don't think anyone and my principles are --

GRAYSON: Anger, hatred and violence.

MARKS: In fact, in the charter of my personal organization, it says if you are a person that does do the so-called acts that happen towards these congressmen, you're kicked out of my organization.

GRAYSON: Oh, yes.

MARKS: You can go look it up online. We are a public organization.

GRAYSON: See if that helps to bring back the dead.

Rick Sanchez never challenges Grayson, rather he seems just as committed as Grayson in promoting the impression tea parties are built around a core of violent fringe lunatics. Remind me again, which party had one of its contributors arrested for making death threats against Republican Congressman Eric Cantor?

Every day the media continues to assist Democrats in promoting this outrageous narrative that those who oppose health care are dangerous, is another day I come closer to being convinced this country has been hijacked and held hostage for the sake of a failing presidency. Interviews like this should be held up for the vile propaganda they are. The bright spot in this? Jordan Marks handles the Grayson/Sanchez insanity with ease.

A question for anyone who might know, how in the world did Alan Grayson get elected in a right leaning district. Heaven help us if this lunatic is sworn in with the next Congress.


  1. Ironic isn't it considering Sanchez actually IS a murderer? And Grayson is crazy as a sprayed roach. I've never seen anything like him before. That look in his eyes - chilling.


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