Friday, March 19, 2010

Dems Advised To Avoid Discussion of CBO Scores - UPDATE

Pat Austin has a great report on the most recent Mark Levin interview with Paul Ryan. This is really a must listen to interview on its' own merits, but particularly important when you read the following confidential memo obtained by Big Government.(memo embedded below)  Democrats are advised:
“do not allow yourself (or your boss) to get into a discussion of the details of CBO scores and textual narrative. Instead, focus only on the deficit reduction and number of Americans covered.”
The Democrats have good reason to avoid discussion of the CBO score. Paul Ryan makes hash of the Democrats' deceptive CBO score in the interview. He is hoping to get a letter from the CBO backing up the ways the CBO score can be distorted. I have a sinking feeling those overworked folks at the CBO might be slow to get that letter out.  Hopefully I am proven wrong on that point.

As you will see in the confidential memo, there is more here. As Ed Morrissey notes Democrats plan to introduce separate legislation this spring to repeal the Medicare cuts to doctors. This is often referred to as the doc-fix. Democrats do not want this discussed for fear their plan will derail their plan to ram this health care bill through with the deceptive claim of deficit reduction. Ed writes:
Basically, this is an admission that the numbers the Democrats submitted to the CBO were entirely false, and that they plan to make this bill a deficit expander in the spring. It’s a breathtaking admission of deceit and hypocrisy — and its exposure should have the media asking more questions about that CBO scoring and putting Democrats in the hot seat over it.
Any Democrat using supposed deficit reduction ought to be challenged on the details of the CBO score.  The liberal media isn't likely to do this, however.  The only way to force the media into covering something of this scale that hurts their president or their liberal causes is to drag them kicking and screaming by spreading the news until they can't avoid it.  As Dan Riehl notes all the true deceptions in ObamaCare will come to light once it passes.  Ultimately this entire episode backfires on the Democrats possibly for many years to come.  The media should be holding the Democrats feet to the fire, however, before this passes.  There is nothing to stop concerned constituents from challenging this deception.   Let's put every effort into stopping this before the Democrats ram this through.

DemHCMemo -

UPDATE: TPMDC has a report stating that Democrats are denying the memo's authenticity. Big surprise on that news. Politico originally posted the memo has taken it down until they can investigate the matter further. This all seems irrelevant. The fact remains that Democrats plan to introduce separate legislation that will cost an additional $300 billion which erases any of the supposed deficit reduction. Moreover, the same tricks and double counting schemes used to game previous CBO reports are employed here as well. The plan will cost well over 2 trillion when all is said and done. Watch the video at the last link where Paul Ryan explains how the bill stimulates jobs. IRS jobs, 15,000 to be exact. Those agents will be busy making sure each of the 300 million citizens of the US have insurance and it meets government standards. Oh Joy!

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