Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jason Altmire Opposes Slaughter Rule

Jason Altmire (D PA) is, by all counts, a vote Democrats have been courting and could be key to passing the health care bill. Altmire has been leaning in recent days towards voting yes for the bill but today announces he opposes the legislative tricks being used to pass the bill. Who does he credit for his sudden concern for process, his constituents of course. Keep calling, it's working.


  1. Thank goodness. Altmire's phone has been ringing off the hook since yesterday, when Hannity identified him as a YES vote and gave out his phone number. I am on the edge of his district and just barely in Tim Murphy's district, but I have been giving Rep. Altmire an earful to let him know I will help to make sure he's booted out of office in November if he votes Yes on this bill.

  2. Good for you Teresa, he obviously is starting to get the message. All these supposed moderates need to know they are sacrificing any hope of reelection for a failed health care agenda and a failed president to boot.


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