Monday, March 29, 2010

Laura Ingraham Challenges Matt Lauer and the Dinosaur Media

Via Breitbart
Though I was out today and missed a good bit of television news coverage, I wouldn't have likely caught this segment between Laura Ingraham and Matt Lauer if I were home.  Today is one of those shows I go out of my way to avoid, the bias is becoming increasingly intolerable.  Laura Ingraham is the perfect guest for a much needed smack down of the smirky Matt Lauer.

Laura doesn't wait to challenge Lauer beyond her first sentence.  Ingraham challenges the objectivity of a report that had just aired where the implicit message was Sarah Palin had people "too riled up" that segued to reports of violence.  Lauer takes the heat and gets a bit riled up himself.  Ingraham doesn't let up and lays a nice one on Lauer saying, "we're smart here Matt, we know what's going on."  Lauer goes on to make the usual left wing media dodge, "Sarah Palin is a polarizing figure."  Guess who Ingraham claims is the real polarizing figure?   Notice how Lauer continues to get increasingly nasty after that point until he ends by asking Ingraham to rate the chances the the health care "law" will be repealed.  As Ingraham makes clear, anything can happen when a very unpopular bill becomes a very unpopular "law".


  1. You go Laura Ingraham. And you are very smart. And douchebag Matt Lauer can go F-him self

  2. Thank you for speaking truth to the liars who think reality is whatever they want it to be.

  3. Well, contrary to Laura's comments about the dinosaur media, I managed to hear about the threats against Eric Cantor (presumably from lefties) on all of the main networks. It's crap that they don't cover that kind of stuff.

  4. Wow play the victim or what? Miss Ingraham, just another wing nut...oooo the liberal media. Gimme a break!


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