Friday, March 12, 2010

Lawrence O'Donnell Suddenly the Voice of Sanity on Democrats' Legislative Strategy

Via Newsbusters here is the short version of Lawrence O'Donnell in a moment of sanity this morning on "Morning Joe" explaining how completely unprecedented the path Democrats are taking to pass their health care agenda. He stresses reconciliation has never, never, never, been used like this before. Newsbusters also highlights a portion of the segment where O'Donnell points out the group think among the media that Democrats must pass health care that is unpopular with the American people:
O'DONNELL: I have never seen, when people come on this show all year, everybody, the conventional wisdom on this show is the Democrats have to pass something because it will be terrible if they don't because they'll show they can't govern. And the thing they have to pass is opposed by a majority of the public. Fifty-three percent, you know, somewhere in there, maybe more. No one has given me the example of the party that passed the thing the public didn't want in order to win an election. But every single pundit on this show--except for you as far as I can tell--for a year, Democrat and Republican, they all agree, that this has to be done. The group-think in the media about the Democrats have to do this for their own good is virtually universal. And that group-think is joined at some point in the Congress and we'll see if that's the group-think that gets them through to do this.

I have also embedded the entire 11 minute segment below the jump, O'Donnell makes a few points on where he thinks Republicans have failed to effectively oppose the legislation.  He keys in on the taxes later in the segment and early points out Republicans haven't pointed out how unprecedented the path as mentioned above.  He makes hay of Mike Barnicle who argues that the only reason the bill is unpopular is people are too dumb or something to understand it.  Just for laughs it is worth a watch to see Eugene Robinson hem and haw trying to explain how this is all perfectly reasonable.   Again O'Donnell interrupts and says no there is nothing reasonable or precedented.  It's all worth a watch if you have the time.

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