Friday, March 12, 2010

Naked Emperor News: Democratic Leadership Admitted to Stupak They Want to Fund Abortion

In light of breaking news the President is delaying his trip to Indonesia because they clearly do not have the votes to pass health care, this video might explain part of the problem. Rep. Stupak went a bit rogue last night in an interview with Greta Van Sustern explaining the dysfunctional mess inside the Democratic caucus trying to get votes. Today we find the admission that the leadership wants to pay for abortion despite repeated denials from the leadership and from Obama himself on many occasions is just too much for Stupak to overcome.

Stupak knows that this can't be fixed via reconciliation. The budgetary process will not allow it. If the House were to agree to a fix, it would never make it through the Senate:
Senate Democrats are bound to reject the Stupak language, just like they did in December. Specifically, somebody like Barbara Boxer will raise a Point of Order against the Stupak language to get it stricken from the reconciliation bill. The parliamentarian will presumably advise that the objection is valid - and 60 votes will be required to overturn the ruling to strike it. A majority of Senators will probably vote to overturn it - just as a majority voted for Stupak language in December - but it will fall short of the needed 60 vote supermajority. (Side prediction: the liberals who have been huffing and puffing about the supermajority requirements in the Senate will not be terribly upset by this.)
Furthermore, with the news from the Parliamentarian that the bill must be signed into law before reconciliation can take place, we know Stupak's leverage is gone completely once he gives his vote to make that happen. He knows they want to fund abortions, any vote from him or his block will all but guarantee abortion funding will be the law of the land.

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