Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Paul Ryan - This Thing is a Fiscal Frankenstein

Politico has a nice video of Paul Ryan explaining the gimmicks used to game the CBO score. There is not much new offered but I thought this worth a post regardless. I have been involved in a ridiculous facebook debate where I am being informed how this fiscal train wreck is really going to save money. Some appear to be buying hook,line and sinker into some of the media regurgitations of Democratic talking points. I am not sure there is much that can change minds of those who really want to believe this is the miracle the administration paints it to be. Nevertheless, the more people are armed with the facts when confronted with these arguments the better. I have to admit I have a tough time passing up the opportunity to post a good Paul Ryan video.

This was just too good to pass up and there are more in the series posted at Politico if you would like to see the entire in-depth interview or selected parts. I highly recommend the video where Ryan explains the coming debt tsunami if you have the time.

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