Monday, April 12, 2010

58% Support Repeal of Health Care - We need to make that happen

Rasmussen has the latest polling on health care showing 58% support repeal, including 50% who strongly support repeal.   Those opposing repeal of the legislation are losing steam with 38% opposing appeal, down from 42% in the previous two weeks.  Despite widespread support for repeal the poll shows little optimism the bill will be repealed:
But only 38% of voters think it is even somewhat likely that the health care bill will be repealed. Fifty-one percent (51%) see repeal as unlikely, Those figures include 11% who say it’s very likely to be repealed and 18% who say repeal is not at all likely.

Still, 52% believe the health care plan will be bad for the country. Thirty-nine percent (39%) think it will be good for the country, and one percent (1%) more say it will have no impact. These numbers have changed little since the March 21 House vote to pass the health care bill.
 So much for health care growing in popularity when people find out what is in it.  I am not surprised people are pessimistic about chances for the bill to be repealed.  Repeal poses many challenges including the necessity for Republicans to regain control of the House, Senate and Presidency as it is highly unlikely this President would sign legislation repealing the bill.  Still I think it is certainly not impossible with the pendulum swinging clearly in the Republican direction.  We also have the court cases which will eventually make their way to the Supreme Court.  Public opinion and a very loud message sent by voters in November may be too loud for the tone-deaf ears in Washington to ignore.  The greatest factor weighing in favor of opposition, in my opinion, is the opposition from the public.  So long as the public stays engaged, a fact that seems to be supported by this poll, we have a fighting chance.
(Note:  Ed Morrissey just posted a great interview with Ted Cruz, former Solicitor General of Texas explaining what the courts can and can't do to repeal ObamaCare.  Ultimately, it is WE THE PEOPLE, who will have the greatest impact on repealing the law.  The interview is very informative, go take a look)

Other polling news, it looks like game over in the Rubio/Crist race for the GOP nomination in Florida.  Ed Morrissey points to the recent debate between the two on Fox News Sunday as the nail in the coffin for Crist.

Not so much a poll but a sign of the times, hand wringing from The New York Times over the potential for a Republican rout a la 1994 looming for Democrats in 2010.  Leave it to the Times to find the ray of hope:
Yet Democrats have many reasons to compare the two elections and find hope. The flip side to what Mr. Gingrich said is that Democrats, remembering 1994, will not be surprised this time. They have aggressively warned incumbents against being overly confident, pressing them to raise money now and begin attacking prospective opponents.

“It is no shock that this is going to be a hard cycle,” said Jon Vogel, the executive director of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. “People didn’t know that until late 1994; they ended their campaigns with money in the bank.”
The Democrats' war chests are indeed loaded and they will use their vast stores of money to fight losing power.  While this may seem a huge plus for Democrats, it is not one that is too difficult to overcome.  Find a candidate and offer your support.  Monetary donations are a great way to get involved but if money is tight, lend a hand to help with the campaign.  This is not an election we can afford to sit out and wait or others to deliver the results..

Update:  Adrienne at Potluck points out RightKlik has a list of all candidates and the dates of upcoming elections.  There is much to do before November.

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