Friday, April 30, 2010

Greece, preview of things to come?

Last night I attended a tea party panel at Arcadia University which merits a full post of its own.  I mention it now, though, because the panel was the first thing I thought of when I saw a report of the violent protests in Greece this morning.  There was a comment from the audience near the end focusing on the entitlement mentality that needs to be checked if we are to pull our country back from the brink of a disaster such as we see in Greece. Clearly the Greek citizens have not checked that mentality as we see in the following video.  Their outrage stems from the entitlement cuts necessitated by the country's dire fiscal circumstances. Are they aware the country is out of money and could lead the world into another economic collapse?  Union workers are striking too.  Who exactly do they think is going to continue to fund their union jobs and large entitlement programs?  Maybe they can get in line for that free Obama money.

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