Wednesday, April 7, 2010

iPad vs oPad

Via That's Right

This is so clever, just as we have come to expect from a Bullet People production. With all the buzz this week focusing on the release of the iPad, this timely video makes a great analogy to government health care by touting the release of the oPad instead. I have used this argument myself in "discussions" with some who believe health care can only be improved with greater government involvement. This was always baffling to me. Can you imagine the government arguing the only way to bring down the cost of HD televisions is for the government to compete with Sony? Of course it might be necessary if Sony were only allowed to sell in Pennsylvania while Panasonic had the sole rights to sales in Tennessee. No one truly believes that markets are improved by government just as we know intuitively a government produced oPad will not be an improvement over the iPad.

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