Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Obama's Web of Flip Flops and Lies

Via Breitbart who highlights this statement, "The Obama camp did not deny that that is Obama's handwriting..." in a 15 minute walk down memory lane of all Obama's flip flops and outright lies frankly, in his rather limited climb to the presidency. There is plenty of background information on the handwriting issue for those who missed Obama's claim his handwriting did not appear on a survey he pretends he "never saw or approved." Of course after 14+ months of the Obama presidency it comes as no shock to any of us that he was never the moderate he pretended to be.

If John Kerry's campaign was taken apart based on his notorious flip flops, Obama's should be a campaign manager's dream come true.  After viewing this video, the largest question that came to mind was what the heck was the McCain campaign's excuse for not putting a video like this together themselves?  Much of this was available before the damage was done in November 2008 and is merely reinforced now that Obama actually has a record, such as it is, proving he is by far the most liberal man to hold the highest office in the land.


  1. Wait, wait!!! Obama lies?? I'm shocked, shocked, I tell you.

  2. LOL, I guess this should be the Captain Louis Renault award post.


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